Alfetta GTV/GTV6 Featured Cars

Restored, built, prepared and raced

The parts that CSR supply for Alfa Romeo GTV and GTV6 cars have been developed over many years. Our knowledge has come from restoring, building, developing and successfully competing in these cars. Here we detail some of the cars and the history behind them. These cars have been the platform on which our parts were developed

1975 Alfetta GTV Group 2 (1981 spec)

Ex Dealer Team Alfa Romeo GTV2000

This is the car that got us remanufacturing parts for the racing Alfetta

Purchased as a rusting wreck, this car had languished in a container for over a decade. The car itself was a 1975 Alfetta GT 1800. It had been converted for racing with the Alfa Romeo Dealer Team by Peter Hilliard and Loe Bertorelli. Used as a Group 2 car, for the 1981 TT, it used Autodelta sourced parts. It was then raced in The AROC series in the early ’80s before being retired.

This is the car that got us re-manufacturing parts for the racing Alfetta. At the time there were very few of these parts available. 

The shell was completely stripped and repaired. It was in very bad condition but it was important to retain the shell as this is the identity of the car. To have re-shelled it would have lost all the history.

The suspension has a lot of special parts that we re-manufactured. We can now supply these parts to anyone. The parts used on this car include 30mm Luigi style blade front anti-roll bar, 35mm torsion bars, aluminium adjustable torsion bar beam, rose jointed wishbones with revised geometry, lowered watt linkage with solid rose jointed links, rose jointed de-Dion bush, Auto Delta 25.4mm rear anti-roll bar and Quantum shocks all round. We have developed the set up over the last few years and have a very sharp and fast 2.0l package. 

Bob Dove was commissioned to build the engine. Bob was one of the Alfa Romeo Dealer Team preparers and it felt right to keep that connection. The engine is a tuned 2.0l Nord giving around 185BHP (we can get more but we are primarily after reliability). 

It has a solid universally jointed prop-shaft, strengthened clutch housing (using the original BTCC pattern), our twin plate race clutch, close-ratio straight cut gearbox with LSD.

The brakes are standard on the rear, but it has the option to go vented. The front brakes use a twin calliper AP CP2561 balanced brake set on Dealer Team brackets and vented discs.

We have been running the Alfa Romeo in the HRDC Alfa challenge. In the hands of Chris Snowdon, it has performed fantastically. Regularly battling at the front of races and achieved may podium finishes.

1985 Luigi Racing Alfa GTV6 LR8513

Ex Luigi Alfa Romeo GTV6

The car has some clever front-end geometry and runs all the group A special parts including aluminium wishbones

A couple of years ago we had the privilege of restoring this, a genuine ETCC Luigi Racing GTV6 Group A car.

LR8513 was built in 1985 on the series 3 chassis by Luigi Racing. Luigi racing were a works backed racing team that ran GTV6 and 75 models in multiple European championships in both racing and rallying. This car was built to take part in the European saloon car championship. It was driven throughout 1985 by drivers including Francois Xaxier Boucher. It competed at all the 85 season rounds, including the Silverstone TT and Spa 24 Hours.

The car ended up in Belgium, unrestored and in a sad state but fortunately complete. We were lucky to be able to acquire it for our client Guest Motors.

The car was then fully restored by CSR with the majority of the original parts refurbished and retained. 

The one area where we had to start from scratch was the engine. The original Group A engine had long since gone so we developed the 2.5 12v V6 to run reliably as a full race unit. This included developing CNC ported heads and new high compression pistons. Special injectors and full ECU mapping were developed by our partner Rude.

The car has some clever front-end geometry and runs all the group A special parts including aluminium wishbones. We are continually developing this car to become faster, and at the same time, remain reliable. It now runs a further evolution of our engine package, Quantum shocks have been installed and we have retired the original gearbox in favour of our own close ratio gears.

We continue to provide support to Guest Motors as Ian Guest campaigns the car with his Son Frank.

Group A Alfa Romeo GTV6 ARDT BTCC car

Group A Alfa Romeo GTV6 ARDT BTCC car

Our commitment to rebuilding this car to original spec includes having the originally fitted Compomotive TH split rim wheels reproduced

This car was the Alfa Romeo Dealer Teams British Touring Car driven by John Dooley from 1982 to 1985.

We are currently restoring it back to its 1985 specification. This famous car was the only Group 1 GTV6 to race in period and was converted to group A for 1983. It ran in Napolina livery until the second half of 1985 when it became a John West car.

Purchased directly from John Dooley, in a rather sad state, we have undertaken a complete shell rebuild. We are saving as much or the original car a possible and re-establishing many of its unique features.

Our commitment to rebuilding this car to original spec includes having the originally fitted Compomotive TH split rim wheels reproduced. These wheels are now available to purchase and can be found on this site.

Group 1.5 GTV6 Alpilatte Replica

Alfa Romeo GTV6 Imberti replica raced at Goodwood

…built to compete in the Goodwood Members Meeting Gerry Marshall Trophy

This car was originally built to compete in the Goodwood Members Meeting Gerry Marshall Trophy. Build by CSR it is based on an early GTV6 shell and built to group 1.5 BTCC regs. It was given the period livery used by Imberti racing in 1982 and raced by the likes of Lella Lombardi.

The Group 1 regulations allowed more freedom in engines but fewer in suspension and narrower tyres. The set up is less sophisticated than the Group A formula that replaced it.

It competed a couple times at the Members Meeting and now belongs to Paul Clayson. Paul has allowed CSR to continue contributing to its development. New developments include a fresh 2.5l 12v, reworking of the driveline with a solid prop shaft and close-ratio, straight cut gearbox. Revised elements of the suspension include stiffer torsion bars and our Quantum shock absorbers.

Now owned and Raced by Paul Clayson and we continue to devolop the package and support him in his racing endevours. Paul has continued to run at Goodwood in The Gerry Marshall Trophy and The Motor racing Legends races, proving to be a class winner.

Road-going Alfa Romeo GTV6

CSR Road going Alfa Romeo GTV6

This beautiful GTV6 has been given the full CSR handling treatment.

The cars we work on and the parts we supply are not just for racing. This beautiful green South African import GTV6 has been given the full CSR handling treatment. The car was first given a complete strip-down and rebuild.

Although the engine and gearbox, in this case, is standard we do uprated engines and transplants for road cars. We can also offer GTV6 gearboxes rebuilt with LSDs (Limited Slip Differentials).

The main work carried out on this car centred on the suspension. Every part has been removed and refurbished, black powder-coated or zinc plated. It now benefits from many of our developed and manufactured parts. These include our Quantum shock absorber kit fitted, front anti-roll bar, geometry adjusting upper ball joint, 105 caster rod joints, 30mm torsion bars, height-adjustable torsion bar beam, SZ de-Dion bush, spherical jointed watts linkage and height-adjustable rear springs. The brakes are currently standard but it could have one of our 4-pt CSR brake kits fitted if required. The wheels are our 15” x 7” TH Turbos.

CS Racing Alfa Romeo GTV6