LSD (Limited Slip Differential)

The LSD, as fitted to the Alfa Romeo 75 twin spark and 3.0l, can be refurbished and uprated to give greater lock.


The standard LSD has two friction plates giving around 25% lock and 45/45 ramp angles. The friction plates will be frictionless in most cars and you effectively will not have an LSD.

Just replacing the two plates makes a huge difference. But by adding two extra friction plates and re-shimming we can achieve around 45%  lock and much better traction.

If you are very serious we can recut extra ramps in the unit too. CSR have been using 70/30 ramp angles on some cars, it loosens the lock on throttle-lift and tightens it on throttle on. The result is a looser handling car on corner entry and more drive on corner exit.

We can fit the 75 LSD in GTV6 and GTV gearboxes if required.


CS Racing Alfa Romeo GTV6