Historic Race Brake Caliper Sets

There are only a couple of brake calipers allowed, in historic racing, on the Alfa Romeo GTV6/GTV. CSR can supply full sets of front and rear homologated race brakes for Group 2 and Group A cars.


There are two FIA Homologated brake kits for the GTV6 and early 75. The single closed back 4-pot AP CP2270/71 caliper and the Twin 2-pot AP CP2561 caliper set balanced brake set up. The kits consist of discs, bells, calipers, brackets, hoses and pads. They can also include special uprights depending on your requirements.

CSR can also supply: Brake mounting brackets (sometimes we have group A uprights available). Brake bells and discs to the correct size for your series.


CS Racing Alfa Romeo GTV6