Road Front Anti Roll Bars

Lightweight adjustable ‘Luigi Racing’* copy anti roll bars.


Reducing body roll by adding cornering spring rate is vital for any performance car. There are a few different front anti roll bars on the market from thicker standard style bars to welded steel blade style. We have taken a leaf from the ‘Luigi Racing’ playbook and produce a copy of their lightweight adjustable anti roll bars.

Available in 30mm with PU bushes or 32mm with solid aluminium mounts. The roll bar ends have separate bolt on blades that are available in steel or aluminium and of various thickness. These are connected by rose jointed drop links or the standard rubber bushes for a more road feel.

Road bar £300 inc PU mounts

droplinks £75

*Luigi Racing were a works backed racing team that ran GTV6 and 75 models in multiple European championships.

£430.00 +vat

CS Racing Alfa Romeo GTV6