Parts on the shelf

At CSR we have a lot bits sitting on shelves that we will be refurbishing and offering for sale and lots of NEW parts that we haven’t really shouted about , so I’m going to try a bit harder to do that. We have sets of refurbished Original Aluminium Brembo GTV6 and 75 front calipers. […]

Quaife ATB diffs

Now available from CSR , we’ve tested them and if you want a fit and forget solution for your fast road transaxle, we believe this is it.

Magnecore Race lead sets

Now Available from CSR V6 12v KV85 race leads and 4 cylinder Nord. Don’t settle for for anything less.

Group A Alfa 75 Centre lock Hubs

We are looking at producing a few sets of new centre lock hubs for the Alfa 75 or GTV6 as used on many of the Group A and S1 cars of the 80’s and 90’s. The Front hub is based on the larger spindles of the Alfa 6 due to their better resistance to flex […]

CL Pads Available

We now have CL pads available for all the Alfa braking options. if I haven’t listed it yet just ask. All available in RC5/6and 8 compounds

ATB Diff for the Alfa Transaxle?

We are taking a look at Quaife’s ATB over the next few months and evaluating its usefulness in the Alfa Transaxle. Quaife have produced a small batch for a friend of CSR and we will be adding the to the range, but is the ATB suitable for a de dion rear wheel drive car? will […]

Power steering Quick racks

We have been looking at the power steering racks fitted on the 75 and some GTV6 and seeing what can be done to make them a little faster. We are able to reduce the ratio from around 3.3 to 2.65 and we can get seal kits. but we would need to recut cut your old […]

Coming Soon

We are getting much closer to producing a new batch of the Homologated Aluminium Wishbones used on the Group 2 and Group A Transaxle Alfas. I have made sets in the past and now we have redesigned come elements to make them stronger, easier to cast and machine and not handed (i.e you can run […]

New Rally Top Arm Ball joints

Our Normal Race ball joints were based on the original open spherical ball joints used on the early touring cars in the UK by the Alfa Romeo Dealer Team and feature a tapered pin to fit the the standard upright. These were carefully set to length to give more rising rate camber and effect a […]

CS Racing Alfa Romeo GTV6