Coming Soon

We are getting much closer to producing a new batch of the Homologated Aluminium Wishbones used on the Group 2 and Group A Transaxle Alfas. I have made sets in the past and now we have redesigned come elements to make them stronger, easier to cast and machine and not handed (i.e you can run a wishbone on either the left or the right by just reversing the ball joint).

We are about to get the production casting boxes underway and have some provisional versions rough cats for testing.

The originals had the splines cut into the Aluminium casting but we found the splines wear and have elected to fit a steel insert to take the torsion bar splines.

There will be options on running the ball joint as standard or reversed and we will be reproducing the roll bar mount used on some of the racers that moves the mount over the wishbone, this gains more adjustment on roll bar settings.

Prices are still being worked out but I hope top start a proper deposited pre-order list in the next few weeks.

CS Racing Alfa Romeo GTV6