There are several types of upright fitted to the various Alfa Romeo models and some are very rare.


We can supply, when available, many of the uprights complete with custom hubs to allow them to fit to your wheels correctly.

Late model GTV/75 uprights to replace early uprights with the small bearings.

Alfa 6 uprights with much thicker spindles and larger outer bearings than the GTV6 upright. The thicker spindles and wider outer bearing mean they flex less under racing loads and reduce the chance of brake pad knock-off.

We have custom hubs to fit 5 x 98 discs and wheels and centre locks*.

Twin caliper Group A and Giulietta Turbo Delta to run the twin caliper AP CP2561 caliper sets.

*Centre locks are a single central nut fixing for the wheel as opposed to multiple studs and nuts.


CS Racing Alfa Romeo GTV6