CSR Brake kits

We have many front and rear brake options for the Alfettta GT, GTV, GTV6 and 75. These include off the shelf 4 pot calipers with 280mm discs that fit in the standard 15″ campagnolo rim. These are in stock and have all parts to fit them in the kit. We can produce kits for those wanting larger performance brakes, including 6 pot calipers.

We also cater for the Historic racer with Homologated brakes available to order, Group 2 and Group A both front and rear using historic AP calipers.

Vented Rear discs are available with caliper spacers for the standard caliper or a switch to the non handbrake caliper and hydraulic handbrake option.

From time we time we have second hand upgrades available, just ask.

CS Racing Alfa Romeo GTV6