Remanufactured GTV6 twin plate clutch. CSR can produce many variations of pull and push clutches to for the Alfa Romeo Transaxle cars.

Available with sintered paddle or organic plates


Race and road are available and we can even fit the Tilton internal hydraulic push release bearing to those wanting a fast, precise and strong single plate push Clutch.

We can refurbish your old clutch with fresh plates and re-spring the cover plates.

Lots of people are putting serious power through the transaxle and we can set your spring plate to cope with most.

Spring Thickness Clamp Load Organic Paddle
2.65mm 650kg 312 415 Nm
2.65mm 650kg 230 207 Ftlb
2.80mm 800kg 383 510 Nm
2.80mm 800kg 283 377 Ftlb
2.95mm 1000kg 479 638 Nm
2.95mm 1000kg 354 470 Ftlb

We can also produce Aluminium flywheels to reduce the rotating masses.

£1,475.00 +vat

CS Racing Alfa Romeo GTV6