Quaife ATB diffs

Now available from CSR , we’ve tested them and if you want a fit and forget solution for your fast road transaxle, we believe this is it.

Magnecore Race lead sets

Now Available from CSR V6 12v KV85 race leads and 4 cylinder Nord. Don’t settle for for anything less.

Group A Alfa 75 Centre lock Hubs

We are looking at producing a few sets of new centre lock hubs for the Alfa 75 or GTV6 as used on many of the Group A and S1 cars of the 80’s and 90’s. The Front hub is based on the larger spindles of the Alfa 6 due to their better resistance to flex […]

CL Pads Available

We now have CL pads available for all the Alfa braking options. if I haven’t listed it yet just ask. All available in RC5/6and 8 compounds

ATB Diff for the Alfa Transaxle?

We are taking a look at Quaife’s ATB over the next few months and evaluating its usefulness in the Alfa Transaxle. Quaife have produced a small batch for a friend of CSR and we will be adding the to the range, but is the ATB suitable for a de dion rear wheel drive car? will […]

Power steering Quick racks

We have been looking at the power steering racks fitted on the 75 and some GTV6 and seeing what can be done to make them a little faster. We are able to reduce the ratio from around 3.3 to 2.65 and we can get seal kits. but we would need to recut cut your old […]

CS Racing Alfa Romeo GTV6